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Aboura Metals FZCO

The Aboura journey started in the early 1950s when our industrious founder, the late Mr. Hussein Aboura senior, began collecting various types of scrap metals throughout the country.  After years of hard work, the Aboura Trading & Commission Co.was officially established in 1974, by joining the hands of the father and sons. It culminated into a fully specialized company and operated the first scrap-yard in Amman, Jordan. Since then, the company continues to run solely as a family enterprise and has evolved into a pioneer in the metal scrap business.

In the late 1970s the company expanded into local and regional markets in the Middle East. Its operations grew significantly with the expansion of their trading networks and operations to three continents Africa, Asia and Europe. Most recently, the Aboura Metals company, as it is known now, shifted its headquarters from Amman to Dubai in 2007. The company still plays a major and leading role in the scrap metals industry of the Middle East and beyond.

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Aboura Metals FZCO
Mr. Ibrahim Aboura Tel: +971 4 6091883
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Fax: +971 4 6091886
293641 Dubai

In our specialized scrap yards , we process scrap metals in accordance with international specifications and standards whilst meeting our buyers’ requirements .We invest in manpower and utilize the latest machinery and recycling equipment such as shears, specialized sorting lines for Aluminum Used Beverage Cans (UBC), balers, Copper/Aluminium Shredders and Granulators.

An edge that has put us ahead in this competitive industry is our expertise in producing high quality aluminum alloy ingots.

We aim to provide the best services to our stakeholders from our buyers & suppliers to our dedicated human resources.

"We recycle metals from A to Zinc..."

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