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Al Ittihad Reinforcement Steel Fabrication Factory (Steelfab) L.L.C.

Steelfab is the first reinforcement steel cut & bend factory in the U.A.E., established in 1994 as one of the business units of the Sultan Group Investments L.L.C., a local group of companies which is into engineering & contracting, furniture & decoration, health & pharmaceuticals, software solutions, hospitality business and much more.

Steelfab has supplied fabricated concrete reinforcement steel to many customers throughout U.A.E for more than 15 years. Its sophisticated and advanced fabricating facilities bring together its estimating, CAD detailing capabilities, fabricating and delivery resources to undertake the most challenging projects, while maintaining total customer satisfaction treatment in every deal.

Steelfab, with its sophisticated plant, its qualified & specialized professional team and its financial strength is at its customer’s service, no matter how big or small the job is.

Steelfab, accredited by the ISO 9001 certification body, maintains an extremely high level of quality control, from the estimating and detailing room, to the fabrication plant, up to the jobsite. This start-to-finish emphasis on quality is the customer’s guarantee of the best fabricated cut & bend steel rebars on hand in town.


Steelfab is in the state of continuously improving to achieve a mission:

To be the best manufacturer of pre-formed, certified steel bars, produced within an ISO 9001:2008 certified system using fully automated CAD techniques, supplied to civil contractors for the use in concrete columns, floor slabs walls and other structural elements.

Steelfab to uphold high standards of quality, sourced high tensile reinforcement steel raw material bars with CARES approved / ISO 9001 certified mills and are conformed to the given specifications: (a) BS 4449/97 Grade 460B, and (b) ASTM A615 Grade 60. These standards are the assurance that the reinforcement cut & bend steel produced by Steelfab meets the most demanding specifications and international standards.


Steelfab is committed to a total customer satisfaction, quality, and professionalism. Steelfab, through the years, has built a reputation in the market to become the leader in the cut & bend reinforcement steel rebar industry mainly due to its strong recognition to meet customer demanded requirements and specifications, On-Time and Error-Free accurate deliveries, competitive prices, and quality services.

Steelfab can meet whatever reinforcement bars are needed and required,in multi storey buildings, hospitals, beach resorts, airports, cooling plants, schools, banks, roads and bridges, and more, as demanded and on time strict basis.

Steelfab team is passionate in delivering the best practices, competitive prices, and consistent high quality and outstanding services: where and when customers need it, every time.

To achieve customer targets and total satisfaction Steelfab setups a 24-hour hotline number for the deliveries follow-up. Steelfab works 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure that the Customer’s Project is Bang on Schedule.


• To be recognized as the leading reinforcement steel cut & bend producer in the U.A.E.

• To supply BS 4449/97 steel rebar, rebar detailing and designing services, steel detailing and estimation services, and rebar cut & bend services, supported by professional steel fixing teams and to achieve the 7,000 production target every month

• To continually improve the level of its service and maintain approximate 8,000 tons of steel in stock collectively of all diameters ranging from 8 mm up to 40 mm in order to sustain the highest level of customer confidence in its ability to deliver its products and services in a timely manner

• To commit to meet customer and regulatory requirements which will enable it to maintain long business relationships while maximizing its market share in the industry

• To continue to improve the quality of life of its employees and the communities it serves and to be recognized for integrity in all its relations with its community, customers and employees by applying business values and principles

• To obtain total customer satisfaction by having each Steelfab Department aligned in supporting the company’s overall quality, service, product and development of technology and professional standard practices

• To commit to recruit highly trained, experienced and professional people to meet the highest standard of excellence

• To have a profile of satisfied customers

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Al Ittihad Reinforcement Steel Fabrication Factory (Steelfab) L.L.C.
Dr. Rashed Ahmed Rashed - General Manager Tel: +971 4 3389652

Fax: +971 4 3389576
52886 Dubai


Steelfab has the resources and experience to perform accurate material take offs, helping to ensure that the project stay in budget without compromising structural integrity. Employing the latest in AutoCAD Technology, its highly skilled team of structural engineers prepare bar placing drawings to ensure correct installation of rebar in the field. At Steelfab, its extensive group of detailers exceeds customer’s expectations.



Steelfab’s experienced workforce combined with its state of the art facilities allow it to process rebar for any size project. With 15 years in the steel business, it has a long standing reputation for delivering quality product and outstanding service. Steelfab is constantly updating its equipments to ensure that safety, quality and production efficiencies are the first and foremost priority throughout its factory.



Steelfab specializes in supplying high tensile reinforcement bars of all diameters ranging from 8 mm up to 40 mm, CARES approved and conform to the given specifications: a) BS 4449/97 Grade 460B and b) ASTM A615 Grade 60. These raw materials come from a wide range of certified mills mainly from Turkey, Emirates and other mills required by the customers such as Qatar, Saudi, Ukraine and China.



Steelfab provides outstanding on-time deliveries. Steelfab is committed to deliver consistently to various sites as far away as the customer requires. In order for the customers to follow up their deliveries, it has provided a 24 hour hotline number specifically for this reason.

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