Mashreq Bank Mashreq Bank
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Mithul Mithul

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National Bank of Abu Dhabi National Bank of Abu Dhabi

The National Bank Of Abu Dhabi has a network of more than 110 branches in the UAE in to provide banking services to customers all over the country. It also operates more than 450 ATMs allowing customers to perform a variety of transactions.

Besides brick & mortar branches, NBAD provides around-the-clock account access through internet banking, the SMS-based payment service Arrow; and personalised customer support through its 24-hour Call Centre.

Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank first opened a branch in the UAE in 1958 in Sharjah and then expanded to Abu Dhabi in 1961 before also setting up in Dubai a few years later. Today, the Bank has the largest network among international banks with over 130 ATMs and 11 branches.

Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Bank

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