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ULTI (an abbreviation for 'The Ultimate Switch'), unveils it's state-of-the-art lighting management and electrical automation solution's for residential, hotel and commercial applications. Its sophisticated design, operational simplicity and flexibility to control electrical devices makes ULTI the most versatile system available in the market. ULTI caters for homeowners who are seeking enhancement of their home interior design, and businesses looking to set up an efficient yet user-friendly executive office space, with smart and good looking electric control devices.

ULTI's Quick Fit design allows easy installation without any complex re-wiring. Infact, ULTI uses the same wiring schematic as a conventional electric switch (no neutral required), and can be housed on a conventional BS wall Box. Devices communicate over RF wireless technology to control lighting and other electrical appliances in one simple system that can be programmed and used at ease.

Our continual development in technical innovation and expertise in lighting management will set a trend in the market and put us in a leadership position in revolutionizing the use of intelligent lighting management systems.  
Clipsal Integrated Systems

Clipsal Integrated Systems

Clipsal is the No. 1 brand for electrical accessories in Australia and Asia, and is amongst the top 5 in the world. Clipsal products are used in homes, hotels, offices and industries in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, the Middle East, UK, Hong Kong, China, and South America. To cope with the ever-increasing requirements for intelligent and integrated control systems for buildings and homes, Clipsal extended its coverage to the integrated systems industry, and in 1998 established Clipsal Integrated Systems (CIS) - a business unit dedicated to supplying end-to-end building management, integrated control and intelligent wiring solutions.

CIS entry into the integrated control, automation and security solutions market has been an outstanding success. With solutions ranging from power and lighting control, dimming, energy management, home automation, access control, CCTV, residential cabling, electrical safety and software, CIS can provide intelligent control solutions for a wide range of applications.  


Clipsal Middle East announced the release of its breathtaking range of E3000 System C-Metro switches and electrical wiring accessories - an inspiration in innovation, creativity and style. Featuring slim and stylish plate finishing, as well as a unique horizontal and vertical switching operations, C-Metro reflects the latest cutting-edge design in Wiring Accessories.

The unique appearance and design of E3000 System C-Metro switches and electrical wiring accessories are derived from a special design concept which has won the internationally recognized award - the 2002 Excellence Award by AEEMA (Australian Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers Association), in recognition of the product range's excellence in commercial research and development. For the first time in the electrical wiring accessories industry, Clipsal introduces LED technology replacing traditional neon indicators in E3000 System C-Metro. LED provides a soothing lighting effect while simultaneously reducing the consumption of electrical power.

Standard colours of C-Metro are grey silver and white which features blue and white LED's respectively. Apart from the LED option, fluorescent indication switches are also available to match various interior designs. The fluorescent luminous glow in dark, serving as an easily seen switch locator.

"Clipsal has always incorporated the most advanced technology in product development. We are proud to launch C-Metro in the Asia Pacific region, as its LED technology is a definitive breakthrough in the electrical wiring accessories industries. LED technology subtly enhances the home interiors of end-users with its soothing bluish glow".  


The growth of digital technology, including wireless networking, the World Wide Web, and integrated messaging services, has created unprecedented customer expectations for network system connectivity and functionality.

Clipsal Datacomms has the products, solutions and programs to help meet expectations. Clipsal Datacomms provides a complete end-to-end solution, with products catering to any type or size installaion.With solutions ranging from active networking products to equipments racks and enclosures, to Cat5, eCat5, Cat6+ and Fiber Optic products; Clipsal Datacomms provides high quality and comprehensive networking solutions to cater to all the requirements of both installers and end users alike.

Clipsal Datacomms introduce ‘Clipsal Titanium’, a striking range of innovative products set to revolutionise the data communications market. With sleek, contemporary looks and exceptional performance designed for extended data transmission requirements, ‘Clipsal Titanium’ Patch Panels will set a new benchmark for structured cabling products. All ‘Clipsal Titanium’ Patch Panels incorporate our new modular connectors providing outstanding performance, while a sleek silver fascia, combined with a sturdy powder coated metal frame ensures that these products will stand the test of time. Clipsal Datacomms have invested considerable time and capital in the research and development of the world’s first, flush faced, zero footprint, shuttered modular jack. This break-through, patented design ensures that the contact pins are protected from dust ingress without sacrificing aesthetics. Lead Frame Technology provides greater than Category 6 performance whilst eliminating possible PC Board failures through dry joints or corrosion. Combined with other ‘Clipsal Titanium’ or Professional Series Products, they are the perfect solution to your voice and data communications needs. ‘Clipsal Titanium’ – the next generation of data communications products. 

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