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Asad Abbas & Co. (Chartered Accountants) Independent Member of PrimeGlobal International

As’ad Abbas & Co (A.A & Co) is a leading CPA firm focused on meeting the audit, accounting and consulting needs of midsized and small sized companies, Under its core purpose of “Building Value with Values®,” A.A & Co assists clients in reaching their goals through audit and accounting, risk and consulting services, A.A & Co prides itself on establishing a close working relationship with you. Our aim is to become your trusted business advisors, assisting you in any way necessary to help you reach your goals. We invite you to contact us so that we may have the opportunity to satisfy your accounting, financial and business objectives, and to help you focus on achieving your goals.

The firm's exclusive focus is on providing the highest level of service and benefits to privately and publicly held businesses. We provide a full range of services, including audits, accountings, reviews and compilations of financial statements; strategic planning; detailed analysis of acquisitions and financial restructuring; expert financial advice; management and succession advisory services; litigation support and forensic accounting and business profitability consulting.

We are able to serve your needs both domestically and internationally.

A.A & Co has always had a strong commitment to quality and service. We approach the audit as a service for the benefit of stakeholders. We place strict standards and high expectations on our professionals. You can be assured of a thorough process, efficiently delivered, within reasonable cost. We are keenly aware that personalized service is crucial to client satisfaction. The people of A.A & Co are a dedicated group of professionals clearly focused on serving our clients' needs and interests.


Our mission is to be our clients’ Expert Partner, accomplishing this through creativity, innovation, insight, integrity and care.  We are committed to connecting clients with experts partners who provide them with industry knowledge and innovative insights.


We are affiliated with PrimeGlobal International (PI) which has more than 200 independent member firms with 300 offices with representation in 90 countries throughout the world. PI members are leading firms in their respective locations, having approximately 9,000 professionals and a combined fee volume of nearly $US 500 million. Member firms worldwide have access to these resources for addressing the accounting and business requirements of their clients in a multi-state and international environment.

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Asad Abbas & Co. (Chartered Accountants) Independent Member of PrimeGlobal International
Mr. Asad Abbas Tel: +971 4 4329083
+971 50 6256518
+971 2 6282650

Fax: +971 4 4329084
+971 2 6282655

78142 Dubai
Audit, Assurance & Corporate Governance

Audit, Assurance & Corporate Governance

Statutory or External Audit

We conduct the audits adhering to the latest International Auditing and Accounting Standards. Also, we keep our staff abreast of the changing legislations and regulations Well planned and documented procedures involved in our audit programme identifies risk areas; suggests internal controls as well as improvement requirements in management information generation.

Review of Financial Statements

We provide our services to clients in preparing Financial Statements and also give Review Reports on their Financial Statements.

Internal Audit

Internal audit is an essential tool of the management used to continuously monitor and control the working of the organization. An internal audit by an external professional firm like ours achieves the optimum result as we have the required knowledge and professional competence as well as the independence to evaluate and report impartial findings. We have found from our experience that our clients are immensely benefited from our internal audit services to them.

Accounting & Finance functions outsourcing services

Accounting & Finance functions outsourcing services

We help business houses to concentrate on their core competency by providing services in the required non-core functions in finance and accounting, including pay roll, cost effectively and efficiently. We evaluate the accounting needs of new and existing businesses and offer complete solutions for efficient and effective operations of accounting and finance functions. We maximize the resources of the business and render services continuously or periodically which will give the management adequate management information and control. The services include,
• Maintain and manage computerized accounts under guidance of experienced Accountants.
• Executing the accounting works in clients office on their accounting software or in other popular accounting packages as desired by the clients.
• Accounting data are processed and updated periodically in frequencies desired by the clients.
• Financial Reporting.

Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

Finance & Management Consultancy
As Management and Finance Consultants we help our clients in assessing their operating effectiveness, profit centre productivity, pricing, laying down objectives for growth, budgeting and target fixing etc. Other areas we focus on are Working Capital Management, Inventory Management, Payroll services and fixed assets Management.

Proper evaluation of finance requirements as well as ways and means of meeting them in the optimum manner are provided by us to our clients, including:

• Cash Flow Projections and periodical reports with comparison of actuals to the projections.
• Preparing budgets and reporting to management with comparison to actuals through the budget period.
• Assessment/ review of finance requirements and rendering advice for optimum sourcing through financial institutions, banks or otherwise.
• Devising cost control and cost reduction measures for maximising efficiency and profitability.
• Due Diligence
• Valuation
• Merger and Acquisitions

Business Plans
We prepare business plans for existing as well as newly formed or those which are in the promotional stage, spanning the gestation period to correctly understand and execute the business operations. The Business Plans sketches the course of the business, during the envisaged period and the owners/management will be able to steer the business in the desired manner.

Project Feasibility Reports
Any business unit, in any industry shall have, before its launch, a proper assessment of its technical feasibility, economical viability and financial soundness and profitability. Our experience in working for varied types and categories of business units covering almost all industries, and the resulting information base give us a unique advantage to bring out proper feasibility study reports on any business.

Litigation and Forensic

Litigation and Forensic

• Litigation
• Forensic
• Computer Forensic
• Company’s Liquidation

Accounting Systems Design, Implementation and Supervision

Accounting Systems Design, Implementation and Supervision

To help our clients to have competent system to manage their accounts and finance, we provide the following services:
• Design, implementation and monitoring of internal control systems.
• Setting up of accounts department and selection of personnel.
• Identification and implementation of accounting software.

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